Baja 411 - Con-Man warning!!

Baja California travelers warning - advisory: a US citizen Michael Anthony Overcast earned the title "Baja enemy #1" for years of fraudulent activities. We consider this "title" issued by a Ensenada Newspaper, El Vigia (you find a screen-shot of the "award" below this report) serious enough to inform the public of this individual. You can do your own research on the internet - as we did - the results help to make up your mind.....

The individual in question, Mike Overcast supposedly from San Diego, operating with many aka's and knows as "crackpot extremist Overdousche" also operated with aka's as: "Gary Newsome", "Cabo 500", "Speed Mex", "Janice Gilmore", "Hollister", "andymeyer", "Garner racing", "aj racing", "Baja Brad". He is well know FOR YEARS for his slanderous publishing, racism, plagiarism, content theft and much more. Events like the upcoming Baja 1000 race are target for this person to find victims to prey on. There are multiple postings and internet reports about his activities. We are aware of at least 1 entity we seen proof of theft!

A funny made video about a real story does say more as many words written down here. A search for Mike Overcast + Baja + Off-Road is also a indicator how much is to the whole story. We say: that guy stinks! Stay out of Baja crook!!